Start your Healing Journey with a Reiki Level One Class and Attunement.

Reiki has been one of the most wonderful spiritual connections I have ever experienced. I first learned Reiki in the 1990’s! There are three main levels of Reiki: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Master Level and Teaching Level. I also offer a 3.5 month apprenticeship for a select group of students who wish to take their Reiki Master Level much deeper personally and professionally.

I have been teaching Reiki for over a decade in the Inland Empire and since the pandemic have been teaching on-line and have taught students from all over the United States and a few from out of the country. I have attuned and trained thousands of students at Level One and Two and have attuned nearly 100 Reiki Masters since 2011. I love creating sacred space for my students, organizing beautiful flow in my classes and I have always loved teaching. I have a deep respect and love of Reiki and living Reiki, and I put much time and attention into each class and enjoy getting to know each of my students.

“I really enjoyed the Reiki 1 class. I learned so much. The follow-up training in the facebook group was an added bonus and made such a difference. Thank you!” S.A.

“I found the perfect teacher for me! Thank you, Jacquie.” R.T.S.

“I started my Reiki 1 journey last January. I loved it and the follow-up was fantastic. No other teacher included all this. I am so glad I found you, Jacquie. I then became certified at Reiki Level 2 in April. I progressed so much. When you recommended I take my Reiki Master training I wasn’t sure I was ready for this big step. I am so glad I took the training and signed up for the Reiki Master Apprenticeship. It has changed the trajectory of my personal and professional life.” T.O.

What you will accomplish in the Reiki Level 1 training:

This training will carefully and systematically take you through understanding the history of Reiki and the techniques of Reiki. You will receive instruction on Energy sensing, cultivating Energy, what Reiki is, how it is experienced, a fundamental yet thorough understanding of the 7 Chakra system and how you’ll utilize it in your Reiki practice. You will learn how to scan the body to sense where weakness and/or strengths are. You will learn how to place your hands above the body to send Reiki or lay them lightly on the body or auric field. I will walk you through a complete Reiki session so that you know how to give Reiki to a friend or family member. You will learn the very first Reiki symbol, the Power Symbol and be attuned so you are able to use this symbol – which is the practice in Usui Reiki. You will learn how to give yourself Reiki and be prompted to do so for 21 days following your Reiki attunement. The attunement is the transfer from Usui Reiki Master to you so that you are a Reiki Level One practitioner. The attunement is also called a Reiju and this is a sacred blessing. This training will take place on Zoom, an on-line platform, unless otherwise stated. For the most current information on a particular class offering please check out my site “Inland Empire Reiki”

What you will receive:

Thorough, excellent instruction and understanding of the fundamentals of Reiki

You will receive your Reiki Level One training from a very experienced instructor of Reiki. A Reiki Level One class runs approximately from 11 am to 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time). We take a one hour break from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. It is best to check the current status of a Reiki class on my Meetup site

You will receive class information, materials and certificate demonstrating that you are a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner via email.


You receive the bonus of always being able to attend any of my Reiki Level One classes for free in the future.

You will receive a 21 Day follow-up each day after your attunement. There will be a private facebook group you may join for further training during the 3 weeks following your Reiki Level 1 training.

Class fee:

$175 for Reiki Level 1. If you are signing up for both Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 there is a discounted price. Check it out on the site.

Upcoming/Next Reiki Level One class:

Classes are offered often. Please check out the most current offerings on

You can also contact me and I’ll be happy to give you an update. Use the contact form on this page.


The Reiki 2 training is in-depth, deep, meditative and teachews you how to send Reiki long distance and how to use a total of 3 Reiki symbols. A 21 day follow-up in a private facebook group is offered to each student. After your 21 days following your attunement we will also have a follow-up class on March 5th to check in on how you are doing with your Reiki practice personally and professionally

In the Reiki 2 class you will learn the powerful distance symbols HSZSN and how to conduct a distance Reiki session and learn techniques enabling you to help yourself or a client achieve goals using Reiki.

There will be meditations, connecting to your Highest Power to help in sending Reiki. You will also learn about each of the following and their use in Reiki: Pendulums, crystals, Bija mantras, Essential Oils, Oracle cards, and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

We will also cover Animal Reiki.

A full notebook is mailed via U.S. mail directly to your home before class begins. A certificate is also mailed following your attunement.

Class fee: $222 includes training, 21 day follow-up, certificate and notebook mailed and follow-up zoom. If signing up for both Level 1 and Level 2 you may receive a discounted price. Sign up at Please check out the most current offerings on

How to Plan a Transformative, $uccessful Reiki and Yoga Retreat

This workshop is given once a year live and is a two part class. There is also a replay of our last offering available. Inquire if interested in the low cost of the replay.

I have given over 18 Reiki and Yoga Retreats since 2011 and have learned what works and what doesn’t! Most of my Retreats are SOLD OUT when I give them and I have many repeat clients that attend time after time. I must be doing something right! If you’ve thought about planning a retreat, this two day training is excellent.

Day 1:

Create a terrific offering using your unique set of skills and strengths

How do you want to present it and your main message and/or theme

The promise of your retreat

Structure your Retreat: lessons, movement, activities, meal time, and free time

Samples of successful schedules and retreats

Day 2: Find the perfect venue, hotel, vrbo, retreat center – location, location, location!

Planning your retreat with the location in mind: activities in and around the location, the history of your location, how to combine the theme of the location into your retreat to make your retreat even better!

Budgeting your retreat so there are no hidden surprises and you do not lose money

Make a profit by charging just the right amount that is both attractive and worth it

Looking at all the costs: accomodations, meals, gifts, welcome goodies, activities, chefs (to have or not), printing materials, and not under-valueing your time in planning the retreat; your time in planning the retreat being factored in to the costs.

Marketing your retreat so it is VERY INVITING and people SIGN UP!

Filling your retreat

We will also hear from invited Guest Retreat Hosts

Meditation Challenges offered quarterly.

For latest offerings please go to the site Please check out the most current offerings on