The 10-day


Meditation Challenge

A nice combination of our personal Spiritual connection, our positive mental state, our personal physical environment surrounding us, and our own physical healthy bodies!

The ALL IN 10-Day Meditation Challenge

You will meditate daily as I lead you through a ten minute guided meditation, and a live 10 gratitude practice, and a Daily Reiki Gokai recitation!

Each day at 10 AM (Pacific) I will be on a Zoom live to lead you through the GUIDED MEDITATION

Each day, during the Zoom live, I will give you 3 minutes to write down 10 GRATITUDES in your JOURNAL

Each day, during the Zoom live, I will choose an Oracle card from my newest Success Principle card deck that Jack Canfield and I are co-authoring and I will briefly explain how you can use that Success Principle.

Each day, during the Zoom life, I will give one brief tip, such as the following:

  • Waking with INTENTION each morning
  • Starting the day with connection to your Higher Power through PRAYER

In addition, we will be mindful of our health!

  • We will commit to more water intake/hydration (drinking water in the amount we should daily)
  • We will commit to no fast food during this time
  • We will MOVE for an extra 10 minutes per day (Yoga, Dance, Walking)

Golden Nugget Extras from Health Coach, Meredith Orlowski, and Tidying Coach, Beckie Hynds:

  • Meredith will give us a daily task to do Monday 9/26 through 9/30. This daily task will be fun and add to our Challenge!
  • Beckie, our Decluttering Coach will give us a ten minute task to do each day 9/20 through 9/30. These 10 tasks will be manageable and not overwhelming and add to our Challenge!

You will be amazed at what you achieve in this 10 Day ALL IN Challenge.

Everything will be recorded and posted in a private facebook group, as well as having the daily live Zoom.

FEE: An amazingly low $20

Venmo: Jacquie_Freeman or 



Begins September 20, 2022