Schedule Your Distance Reiki and Oracle Card Reading to Facilitate Emotional and Physical Healing!

Reiki For Everyone

Reiki can be defined as Universal Life Force Energy.  The word REI means Universal, God, soul, spirit. The word KI  means energy and life force. Rieki  helps heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields.   It is a profound and amazing Energy and yet it is also very simple and modest in form! 

How Reiki Can Help You

People come to Reiki to enhance their health and well-being on every level, their mind, their body and their spirit. Reiki benefits the physical and emotional levels  and helps heal the subconscious mind where many emotional issues are rooted. It also helps bring relief from pain and enhances healing and gives you better overall health, energy and vitality. Everyone has their own unique reaction to Reiki but overall it is very comfortable and relaxing and many find it is extremely spiritual in nature and feel extremely calm and centered afterwards. 

Healing of All Energy Fields With Reiki

I have been practicing Reiki since the 1990’s and have fully embraced the impact that my Reiki’s Energy healing has in my life and in the life of family, friends and clients. Reiki heals on all 4 Energy Fields, the Physical, Emotional, Mental snd Spiritual.


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